I had a dream that I went skydiving with a person whom I told I'd do it with them in exchange for them to answer a few questions for a novel I'm writing.The agreed.
I remember in the dream I was crying a lot because I have a big fear of heights. Throughout me crying and feeling anxious this guy whose name in real life is Sean was calming me down telling me everything was going to be alright. He told me to just close my eyes and jump out the plane and that we would do it together on the count of three. I agree, walk over to the opening of the plane to jump. He grabs my hand, I look out terrified so I look in to his blue eyes instead which calmed my down.
He did the count off and on three we both jumped. In the dream I was excited, calm, we laughed and it was the most amazing feeling. It was nice and sunny. I could see lots of green, and when it was time to deploy our parachutes I remember it was like a multiple colors, white, red , and blue. What we wore was red and blue.
When we land we both landed safely and he tells me " you see that wasn't such a big deal." And we walk off smiling with his right arm around me and we were laughing.
Through out the night I has this dream three times before I woke up in the morning. It's weird cause I went to sleep early but it felt like time had gone by really fast.
Can anyone help me with this dream and understand it's meaning. It's a first for me to dream about skydiving since I don't like heights.
amabella1523 amabella1523
31-35, F
Aug 23, 2014