My Inner Thought

What emptiness awaits me? With my wishing heart I wish to recall that I’m willingly except that guilt of how much this was done by me.... I have to except the score that was set by my own shadow. But if I’m wrong then strike me for my sins but I believe that we all make mistakes, and that’s why finally I’m trying to take a decision to take a chance on something that feels right. What I fear most is that all that I've done it may affect this entire people that are around me. But far more I did it for my own good, even if now I know it caused a price of loss. And it may be too late to realize what you have. I feel so stupid for not saying the things that i have to say in person but I have to write them to express them, and I know that I still didn't get my point yet... well it’s hard, it’s difficult, quite stunning at the same time. What amazed me is that I survived....
Heart2LonlyDoors Heart2LonlyDoors
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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

I wish that I could make heads or tails of what you meant to say, beyond the seeming fact that you are in a crisis involving crushing personal guilt (and, maybe, shame.)

Yes shame is one of the most that's breaking down and leading me nowhere..