Most days, some sick, twisted part of me compels me to come downstairs during break to hang out with people that I liked at some point in time. Those days are the ones that make me question myself, especially when you laugh at my expense with the same old jokes. It gets pretty old keeping up a smile when the next jab is then aimed at my character and things that come naturally to me.

I get sad and depressed and I hide away for a while to lick my wounds. Then once I build myself back up again, that sick little masochist in me keeps telling me that maybe you'd have something else to joke about.

I'm obviously being too sensitive. I'm also not strong or cool enough to be part of your little "in" crowd, and honestly, I find no pleasure in trying to fit in. It's hard to be nice, isn't it?

I'd rather spend my time somewhere that I won't be put down for kicks.
raindrop19 raindrop19
31-35, F
1 Response Aug 22, 2014

Being nice and kind apparently is not 'cool' for anyone. Sadly, the media show everyone it is better to insult others, make fun of them and act like a total b****. You don't have to mingle with them if they cause you sadness. Find new friends who appreciate you and miss you for who you really are.