So Much Love to Give and No One to Share It With

You See All My Life I Have Wanted And Needed To Be Loved. Please Understand I Have A Family That Are Dear To Me.

What I Am Talking About Is The Love That I Have To Give To Someone Else And Have That Returned To Me. There Are So Many People Out There Going Through What I Am, Feeling Unworthy,Feeling Inadequate.

All Of Us Need To Feel Loved. Why Is It Even Though You Have So Much To Give And You Open Up Your Heart Still No One Wants To Take The Time To Find Out That You Are Special And That You And I  Both Want The Same Thing.

I Look At People And Think What Do They Have That I Don't.  What Can I Do That Will Draw People To Me. Don't Get Me Wrong I Have Friends, Never Enough Though. And It Seems Like All Of My Friends Have Their Life. They Are Married And Have Children. They Don't Understand Why We Are Not Happy Without Someone.  But Then They Don't Have To Walk In Our Shoes.

All I And You Want Is To Be Loved As Much As We Love...I Don't Think That Is To Much To Ask.  We All Want To Be Loved, Even If We Say We Don't, We Do.   My Wish Would Be That Everyone Would Have That Special Someone. Not Just For A Day But For A Lifetime...

Let Us Show You How Much We Can Love You And How Special We Really Are.

All We Want Is That Chance.


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4 Responses Jul 15, 2007

I came across your story and yes it is five years later. I understand so very much how you feel. I feel this way. I ask myself all the time why? Why cant I find that one person who I can give all of my love to. All my friends also are married and have been for so many years. I have been blessed with children, but they have their own life and family. I desire to have someone I can call my own someone I can spend the rest of my life with. I hope since you wrote this story you have found that special person and you are so very happy.

i had this untill last year i may as well say that now as it will be a year in january not a time i am looking forward to you see i was married to my dear wife teresa and we where married for 27 wonderfull years and i was madly in love with her for all that time and she with me infact people used to call us the perfect couple which was fantastic,and we had 4 wonderfull boys together, sadly as i said it all ended on january the 6th when she died of a brain hemarige my hole life ended right there and then but i still had to keep on going for my boys so her i am now late december 2010,i have so much love in my heart and no one to share it with,my boys take some of it which is good because they give me a lot back but and it's a big massive but it isn't the same sort of love and i realy miss i have it all locked up inside just waiting for someone to come along who i can share it with as i know this is what my wife would want she wouldn't want me to sit here mopesing.

i completely know how u feel. even though u have family and friends , it will never be enough. it breaks my heart just thinkim that i will never have someone to fill that void in my life. The only difference between you and I is that Ive been in love with someone (for 2 years) and still havent been loved back. we have a son together and everything and we are still not together as a couple i mean. the only thing i think he wants is sex. dont get me wrong its great, but what about making love? we dont even kiss! I dont know whats wrong with me! I want to be loved and i want everything that comes along with it. I want to be loved by this person and he wont love me back. Im so afraid that by the time he comes around it will be too late and i will already have gotten used to being rejected by him and his appection wont phaze me

Naw, sweetie. I'm sure someone (or many) out there would love you back so much; but first you'll have to find each other :) But no worries, you are destined to!