I Need Someone To Love Me

Theres a hollow in my heart.


This smile I paste on my face, is a mask.


I m so lonely and sad inside. 


I would love to be held, desired and loved.  Forever and always.  Why do I always have to look like I enjoy this world of emptiness?  I am so sad.  I pray for a partner, someone to love me, to grow old with me.  I do everything right that I possibly can to hold my fragile core together.


I love someone so deep and so wide, it hurts, rips my world apart how much I love him.  How long I have loved him.  


lonelyhart2010 lonelyhart2010
36-40, F
3 Responses Mar 2, 2010

I understand the feeling.... to have so much caring and passion and love and devotion inside of you and no one to give it to, no one to appreciate you and cherish you....as you would appreciate and sacrifice and cherish them.....

thank you jrabbit, i feel better today and hope you do to.

Wow...Lonely I sooooooo totally know how you are feeling. In fact I had, right before reading your story, wrote a friend something very very close to your posting. People just seems to think that I'm ok with how things are. They don't think that I'm not. I'm tired of pretending all of the time, of being strong, when inside I just want to curl up and cry and forget about the world. I want to be left alone except by the 1 person that I trust and he's too scared to help me....even as a friend. If you need an ear judt drop me a line, I know how you feel. I do believe someday it will be better :)