I Yearn For Someone I Can Call Mine

I know I am overflowing with love the moment I put on my slippers as I wake up in the morning.Putting on my shirt, I had this yearn to have someone take it off.Don't get me wrong though, what I wanted is more than a sexual encounter.Deep inside, I really wanted to have a person I could take care of.Someone I can adore.Whenever I go shopping, I'd reach out for items that I don't really need but wanted to buy for someone thinking the person will surely love it or appreciate my sweetness.

My problem?---I don't have that someone......yet.
MyZen MyZen
36-40, F
4 Responses Oct 13, 2011

wish u the best
message me if interested

Hope you can find the one soon.


I have si much love to give but every time i try to my heart get broken i am rally lonely and sad.