i need someone to love and hold me because i am lonly
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its consuming the real me the passion motivation the urge to surch for love the urge to eat, sleep, care about anything im either sad, lonely, depressed, hoping i dont wake up one morning or i fall asleep on ma drive home but then id sadden my family and worsens the whole situation. this is hell and getting worse evrday for ove a year now.

I'm 18 and have been feeling the same way for a while...

I need someone to I have been by myself for so long

im 35 with 1 child. on my 2nd marrage.and its headed for the end. im so disconnected from my wife and she seems to have no desire to be with me. i so desire to have some one to be close to. i miss ttimes of just being together.he

lonliness is a temporary feeling IM 32 and been this way for 32 years deep inside its all ways been there even when im happy or sad or numbor with people .how tempory is that !

u are write .u must get someone who loves u more .but dont fill like lonely becase there is also lolininess even if u are with somebody.

*HUGS*<br />
Yeah...we all are lonely are not alone!!

dont worry... all of us here are there for each other...<br />
we are always there for you... CHEERS>>>>>>

lonliness is a temporary feeling and my recommendation is that you are aware of that. Don't make the wrong decision by finding someone to be close to, just because you are lonely. We are all lonely sometimes, but that can also mean that its a time for you to reflect and give yourself the time just for yourself that you will not be able to find once you get into a relationship. You know, the grass is always greener on the other side..right? That is what they say. Fact is what it is. So, you are lonely right now...hey! that's great..that means this is YOU time. Totally, if I were you do something you would normally NOT do if you were in a relationship. Pamper yourself, make new something exciting and daring..but safe. That is my reccommendation.. Let the right person find you or find eachother when the time is right. Never rush..because it might ruin things. That is my advice. Sorry that you are feeling lonely..but see it as an opportunity to think about what you can do to rid yourself of that feeling safely and make it work for you!

INTERCOM TO GROUP!! We need a group hug, here!! x's and o's to you, sweetie. Be strong, and hang in there! The ironic part about lonliness is... this is one emotion you're not ALONE on!! You can find all kinds of lonely friends in here! We'll support ya til the feeling passes!