Love Not Lust

It was different being a little kid i didnt need anybody else i was perfectly fine being alone compared to now im lonely and depressed. I pretty much dont enjoy life. But i think i know why ive never experienced love from another human being. Im not talking about my parents who tell you what you want to hear type of love. But love that comes from a man and women. Someone to hold me when i cry or to just be there when i need them. im not talking about sex but someone to feel close to. now i love my friends dearly true but theres something about the opposite sex saying your beautiful or that you make them smile it really makes you feel good. And i want that i really do
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1 Response May 12, 2012

I had a crush back in elementary school, but was heart broken and have never had anything since. Seeing others around me being/getting married or in something serious, life gets lonely. I have always wondered what true love would feel like. You see it in the media and elsewhere, but I am sure that it is different or more than that.