In Pursuit Of Love

What I want is a simple thing: to love and to be loved. I have never truly loved someone. Some have declared their love for me but I could not share their feelings.
Actually, I'm afraid I am incapable of loving in general as I find myself unable to want anything, to find happiness in the things I do.... I do not really wish for anything or have any ambitions I just feel numb and tired.
The only things I want are love and approval... But how can I get them when I don't even like or trust myself that much and, by wanting this so much, I probably give out a desperate vibe to other people...
It is said that things will come to you when you least expect them and when you stop looking for them desperately... so I'm trying to start the search for myself in the hope that will find someone to love...
rosilil rosilil
26-30, F
Jul 25, 2012