For The First Time I Actually Care

For the first time in my life I found myself caring about the feeling of people around me and actually wanting to comfort them when they were down and quite frankly this just isn't me I have always been a jack the lad sort of guy going only for a girl i thought i could get what I wanted from and then i realized i was potentially hurting people by living my life like that and it was wrong to risk hurting so many people just to get what i wanted and then i realized that why do i care i never have before and so taking a step outside the box i spoke to my friends sister to see what she said (see has known me for years and knew what i was like) so told me that maybe i just need someone to love and i laughed and thought ye right like thats whats up with me and went on with my day until i got home sat on my bed and thought about what it would be like to wake up to the same girl every day and be happy about the fact she was still in my bed even if nothing had happened between us and then i started think how nice it would be just to look after this girl and give her everything that i could to make her happy just how much i could change someones life for the better and how much they could change mine so to the sister of my friend i say thank you for what you have done for me as you have change the fate of one young man and straightened the path of one who was on a very slippery slope and a path to a dark on lonely place and to anyone who is reading this who was like me just sit down and think about the life you are living and how lonely you are gonna wind up and although it seems like a great life now there will come a time when you no longer have what it takes to get them girls so easily and you will be alone and it will most likely stay that way so change now or deal with the **** storm later and to everyone who i ever took the **** out of for being a ***** whipped little ***** I am sorry for i was a **** and finally to the type of girl that shot the ***** like me down I salute you and please never change ;-)
RageCY RageCY
18-21, M
Jul 30, 2012