I Feel Without Love

I have been with my daughter father for 9 years but for 1 year he has changed with me, he drinks calls me names instalts me verbal abuse but I have no place to go because I don't earn enough money a week from work , we have no relation together because how I look, I feel without love and respect and lonely and trapped I also have one daughter she is 9 Years old she is my life I wish I had someone who loves me for who I am inside and out respect me and cares about me.
Latinalove32 Latinalove32
31-35, F
1 Response Oct 3, 2012

Unless he changes his ways, leave. I was with my now ex- husband for ten years and have a two year old boy and he was the same, he was always verbally and emotionally abusing me.... but I didn't want to leave as I also had no family where I live.

Then one day, I had just had enough and decided to move out... I didn't think I could do it on my own, but my friends helped me. 8 months later, I am back on my feet and smiling again.

Your friends will help if you do decide to leave him.

You deserve to be treated better- I was surprised after only months leaving my husband I found a handsome and kind man who treats me and my son like royalty. There are nice guys out there, you just have to believe you deserve it.