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i am just a 15 year old guy 6 ft 195 lbs. And i play football and i wrestle. Sounds great right... well even that is not enough i am that guy that gets the average grades and that is shy all the time. that is what my life has been.not bad but every night i all ways have a empty feeling in my heart that something is missing. i cant sleep and i really need love. and i do not just want to lose my virginity. i need that special girl that i can hug every once in awhile and have someone that i can wrestle for and not just do it for fun and i need the emptiness in my heart to be filled up with love and kindness. i am not one of the joks or the nerds again i am the shy guy that no one wants to be around it kinda makes me sad you know and i listen to sad love songs on you-tube helps but not completely.i have been told many times i have a low self of steam so in sports so i guess its the same way here. so that is my story what i beg of you what do i do to find love
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2 Responses Nov 4, 2012

I want that special girl too and Im 18. But theres nothing special about me for them to like. I really feel for ya man. I hope you find your special girl!

Prepare for a life of pain. Seriously. You don't "find" love, if you get desperate, well, expect to slide off a cliff just because you started panicking. I'm 17, I'm above-average, I play 4 different instruments, I've been told I'm handsome yet everyone pushes me away as well.
Your heart may be broken, but trust me, there are benefits out of it as well, as in time you develop a hard shell over it that shields it from all future heartbreaks, and you're not easily broken that way as well. Listen to songs about hope (Not the ones about hope in love, but the ones about getting back up on your feet after each blunder), I'm not an expert in this, but what I learned from every time I failed is this - give Time time. Shyness is not a good thing, you miss opportunities when you're shy, don't be arrogant as well. Everything has to have balance.
Every time you try something, there's always a percentage of chance that it won't work, but if you don't try, there's a 100% chance it won't work, this is coming out of experience, mind you.
There's a saying that every time you fall in love and get your heart broken, a piece of it still remains, that is true, as over time you can give out less and less to the other person. Many psychologists say that "True Love is faster to find if you skip the first relationship completely", that is, don't obsess with someone you don't know, even if she's your crush and you're best friends with her, you have to see if she's worthy of you. How? Nobody knows.
Good luck, Godspeed, may a platoon of happiness find a way into your soul, even if happiness is, indeed, useless in my eyes, as happiness never had any wisdom in it.