I Always Knew It Would Be Hard....

but i never knew it would be this hard. maybe its just not meant to be!!!
cowshed123 cowshed123
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1 Response Nov 5, 2012

I wonder if people just get so use to being alone that relationships become alien.

i think you may have a point there, cos i know that i myself have become so set in my ways as a loner that i just cant see myself ever being in a relationship!!

Although people are able to adapt to new situations overtime I guess it's a matter of finding someone you reeeeally like and who reeeally likes you enough to accept you and your non existent social life lol. I have no family, no good friends because I mostly avoid people.

i know, but its finding someone like that that's the problem lol!!

It's not that I don't want good friends and maybe it's just this city but I don't connect with most people. Like I don't get that I'd like to see this person again feeling. People take to me because I'm personable, attractive and whatever their reason so it's not that I can't get along with people.

i dont connect with most people either!! people mostly tend to like me, but i dont let too many people get too close to me!!

Haha yeah maybe we share a similar personality type.

yes, maybe we do!!

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