I've Never Been In Love And I Wonder If It Will Ever Happen

I'm a really romantic person. I believe I soul mates, eternal love, and all of that stuff....but I've never been in love before.

Every guy I've ever dated has let me down, did not appreciate me, and/or betrayed. I have a wall built up around me which is pretty effective at keeping guys out but I want to let them in. I want to open myself up and be able to be myself and share every part of me.

I feel like I give off this vibe that I'm really pretty and confident but that's so not me. I only feel that way with guys I'm not attracted to and they guys I like aren't interested in me.

Guys say I'm demanding but I don't think it's too much to ask for attention, honesty, and loyalty. I want to give myself to someone.

Sorry, I'm rambling...but it's so frustrating and makes me so sad that I can't find my other half. I'm 29 and I want to find my person. I'm trying to not keep building walls but its hard not to when you keep being betrayed. I want to stay my sweet n' nice self and not become some bitter, cynical, stereotypical black woman.
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

Hi there like they say every pot has got a lid. Don't think of life that it sucks cause you got hurt enjoy youre life to the fullest you are also very young. When you least expect it it will come into youre life. It is all about being who you are not wanting to be someone else in life. Never settle for less than what you know you deserve. Every one gets hurt in life even i have gotten hurt quite previous times but i move on with my life go on and enjoy every moment of life you have got. Don't let youre past get hold of youre future. It is very difficult but i know you will find someone who will love and care for you deeply and dearly, you will most def find that someone special. Never stop being who you are as a person be happy smile and flirt as much as you can. You are the one who can chose whom ever you wanna date. And you will find someone perfect for you. But never go looking for that someone special. You know who you are in life and if you are going to listen to everyone saying that youre this way and that way you will never be happy. Life is too short too give a crap about what every single person says about one in life.