******* For The Man In The Hotel Lobby, Part One

Is reach into the heart of you
Is as simple and true as the love you inspire in me
So let me fall

~ My Saving Grace, André Tanneberger (ATB)

I came at 4:21 am PST today. He'd gone down to the lobby for some coffee, and while he was waiting for them to brew a fresh pot, he made me ***.  It's so typically thoughtful of him to take care of me that way even when he's unable to play himself.  He wasn't alone, after all; he was surrounded by fellow guests and hotel staff.   And the dear man hadn't even drunk a cup of java to start his day.  Yet there he was, telling me to touch myself in very specific ways.  New ways, for the record, variations on a theme, perhaps, but combinations not previously employed.

He's a creative lover, this man.  He thinks about what he's going to do to me.  And he's careful with word choice because he knows that sexchat is a real art, and a woman's ****** depends on how much her mind is engaged.  It'd be one thing if his lips and tongue were physically on my nipples, if his finger was on my ****.  I could give into the sensations of his manipulation and he might not have to say a thing.  But I think he knows that in some ways this is even more intense.  And the things he says to me, telling me my bits and pieces are really his, that I am to *** for him....it's really powerful stuff.  It allows me to release.  I'm not doing it for myself, you see.  I'm doing it for him.

My name is Milky, and I am a pleaser.  Yes, I'm a selfish *****, too, but ultimately the thing that gets me off, that's always given me a tingle, is knowing that I'm doing something that makes someone else happy.  Especially if I really care for that someone.  That really is the critical piece.

And he gives me permission to love him.  That may sound strange, but I've learnt that in many cases, people refuse to let you love them, they disbelieve that you feel the way you do, or they just don't want the love.

This guy's not like that.  And it's not that he doesn't have love in his life already.  But he's willing to have more.  And I am damned grateful, because I've got plenty to give.

Him‬: well then let Me put you to bed with a good ***
me‬: now you're talkin
Him‬: yes let Me think
perhaps something wet
something hard
and something intense
wearing right now?

me‬: that sounds like you
red silky robe

Him‬: underneath
me‬: skin
Him‬: right nipple....remove it and suck it 
suckle it as I would

me‬: oh gosh
you do know how to get me going, don't you

Him‬: un huh 
take your time
watch the screen
suckle it
both hands
enjoy it as I would
playing with your nipple in your mouth
me‬: yes, J, very
Him‬: now the left
same thing love
suckle sweetly
teasing as I would do

me‬: oh, baby
so nice

Him‬: yes they are 
my nipples
owned by Me
so sensitive

me‬: mmmm
yes, Yours
and VERY sensitive

‪Him‬: must be quite wet now?
me‬: quite, yes
Him‬: yes as I expect 
you to always be in my presence
one finger M

me‬: I don't think I'll have trouble living up to those expectations
yes, J
one finger

Him‬: the index
me‬: yes, love
‪Him‬: to your ***** 
only one
straight to the clitty

me‬: O
Him‬: my lil ****
soooo ******* wet

me‬: yesssss
Him‬: soooo ready to be used
me‬: you got that right
Him‬: My sub
needing her play
but always my control 
this is true ****?

me‬: My Dom
needing His play
always His control

Him‬: good answer
who controls you M?

me‬: You do, of course
Him‬: your *****?
who owns it

me‬: You, J
Him‬: **** it M
me‬: yessss
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