Need Somebody To Love....:(

I feel very sad and lonely right now......I'm the only one in my family and i dont have a sibling....thats makes me more lonely.....even my friends are to far from me and ofcourse they have their own lifes so they are busy....and being a teenager is another one of the factors.....can't play with kids nor can i go and sit and talk among the i just want a friend....who will stay by my matter what....i know somewhere that person is there but i dont know how to find him or please help or lemme know if u feel the same....:(
SaphiraMark SaphiraMark
13-15, F
5 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Hi i too am only child no brother sister and you right it can be lonely. I grow up surrounded by adults only. Now i go to boarding school and im surrounded by girls my age! Is like i mature backwards cos i have to get used to young people not old. But in holiday i go home and again no friends! So maybe you like to message me to discuss. xxx

Cant play with kids? When i was a teenager i played with kids and talked to old ppl cuz teenagers are usually too stupid. Get a dog or apply for a job

*sigh*.....I just hope i find someone soon....:(
Anyway thanks a lot for your support guys!!! :) *hug*

I feel the same way. I'm 18. I have a younger brother but I still feel very lonely. I don't have any friends either :( Even worse I dont have a girlfriend to talk to. I want a hug.

Get a job, or a gym membership. Open up your search spectrum and u will meet ppl that u can find at least something in common.

I feel the same, but, well, I'm not a teenager.. but I do sympathise with you. =/ *((hugs))*