He Loves Me He Loves Me Not

luke has been there for me threw every thing and he says he likes me but ............................he also says hes not ready to have a girl-friend so i cant get mad at him for hanging with other girls i meen i just dont know what is up with him he is so hard to read when its just me and him talking things are great but the sec some one eles shows up or some thing crazy or bad happens he totally forgets about me and i  know i should move one but he is the only guy that (when he is being a great guy)makes me feel so happy and alive i just need some one to tell me what to do with out him i am going crazy crying for him to come back and when he does i cry for him to leave i cant live with out him ..........................but at this point i dont think i can live with him

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Don't become dependent on anyone's attentions or affections. It's unattractive. The only person that can truly make you happy is you. You decide. It is one thing to enjoy spending time with him, but it is a little too much if you expect to absorb all of his attention. You don't need anyone else to tell you what to do when he is not around, and you should not sit and wait between the times he isn't. Nor should he be telling you what to do when he is around. What is he doing when he isn't with you? Hanging out with his friends? Then go hang out with yours! Don't have any? Make some! What did you do before you met him? Find yourself!<br />
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If he is not ready to commit, then stop committing yourself to him, your only hurting yourself. You must become independent-minded enough to realize that in order to be in a relationship he should meet you halfway. If he is not willing to, then your already facing a one-way relationship.

At the time many things seem right and meant to be but when some time passes and you can see in the situation clearly, you will notice that your life does not depend on someone else. I use to think the same as you but I see now how great I can live without that person. What someone says on here can possibly help you but what will really and truly help is time. However, I see all the time one side of a couple hanging on to the other b/c they think they need him/her or are meant to be; even when it is not best for them to do so. Just never hang on to someone b/c you feel ya can't go on without them I promise you will do just fine. Ya know, a lot of people say there are plenty of other fish in the sea and that is true; Just make sure you do not live to far inland :) -Things always find a way.

Calm down and think through. List down what are the things about your boyfriend that you like. And also list down the things that you don't like about him. Now, you need to decide if you are able to put up with the negative stuff all your life. If yes, go ahead with the relationship. If not, break up. And the main thing you need to consider is, if he is ready to be committed..as in marry you..If not, just dump him.