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How I Feel Now

I need someone to love.. i know it may sound cliche, but this is really what i feel now..

I never felt so alone, even though I know I've got so many friends around me.

lonely, Im tired of being lonely... T^T


alonelittleM alonelittleM 26-30, F 3 Responses Dec 28, 2009

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thank u all for the comment... now i know im alone in this feeling... <br />
and i should start to think positively about this feeling...

ah.............. how i recognize your need.<br />
<br />
<br />
i believe that the need to give love outweighs the need to receive love..... we need both but the need to give is definately the greater of the two.<br />
<br />
i shall tell you what i did... and continue to do:-<br />
<br />
when the need to give love feels at it's greatest, then i imagine it as fluffy as a snowball..... but warm........ full of love.... heavy with love, but lightweight of its self, not burdonsome in any way. i put whatever feels right into it... today it was a cuddle. i physically move my hands, drawing some of the love out from my heart (it is umlimited), gentley, caringly roll it into a ball....then go through the physical action of gentley throwing it towards my ex's heart. i expect nothing back.... i just express my need to give love.<br />
<br />
interestingly, i did this the first time with complete sponaneity, didn't think for a moment of what i ws doing...... it was pure instinct............and it was good, it dissolved the growing bitterness that i was feeling.......... and i felt less hurt. <br />
<br />
if you or anyone else tries this........please let me know how you experience it.<br />
<br />
good wishes<br />
<br />

*hugs* Friends are not the same are they, and its worse when they are in a relationship. I know how you feel, the need to have someone special in your life. Realised myself over the last few months that I also need someone to love but just as important that I need to be loved by someone special as well. Has to be a two-way thing to be good, otherwise you are better off alone.