Have You Tried It Before ?

Through the years , I have never been in love , I dont know why , maybe I didn't look for her , maybe the old saying love comes later after marriage , maybe it is my social anxiety , I want to feel love , to care for her , to stand by her , to face the world with her ,to conquer my worst fears with her an her alone , I wish if I have a little of what people feeling for their love, I never tried this feelng . did you ?

soul2soul87 soul2soul87
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6 Responses Mar 21, 2010

I think I was in love once, like real love. I let it go for dumb reasons, I live in a numb marriage now.

it may take sometime until you feel the real love again , but never lose hope .

I guess we all have to just keep hope.

I had a crush once in the 1st grade. That's the closest I've ever come to romantic love. <br />

you are right lisabv , people who do online dating ending up with a disappointment , but to love an relate to a forigner is a nice thing, I mean there is more love to give when the person is too far away , it is very much like living in a prisoner waiting to be released to meet this other one.

Hey I have done internet dating, and it never works out. I would just be careful about internet dating. Not everyone is honest, and the ones that are nice and shy end up getting taken advantage of. I understand I am in the same shoes you are I am too shy. Get out join a social group when I can, I will join something. :)

i never been in love too..i had some few crushes but my feelings never lasted so i guess u cant really call them love. I really would like to experience love but just like u i have too many anxiety that i never really thought someone would love me. just go with the flow and im sure u will find the right person for you :))))

That's such a nice way of putting it...i have never had that kind of love either...and i don't know if you ever tire of it. i hope not. so many people end up breaking up or getting divorced or living in numb marriages...i hope i have the kind of love that lasts forever...we all want, need, and deserve that......bf.