Help Me To Help Her....

Hi! My name is Kaya Bruiser Wood. I am a five month old American Bull Terrier. I love my life and my human has been very good to me.

Lately though my human has not been the same. ...

She treats me the same; we still walk and play. She feeds me and puts me in that thing with all the water that I don't dig so much till it's over, and she takes me to that guy in that place where they poke you and stick things up your butt and give you treats, but I can feel it and I know because I have felt it too.

My human feels like I did that day.

Afraid, alone, desperate, trapped, and hopeless.

See, she didn't plan on me.

She had to dig me out of a dumpster and free me from the trash bag that those humans before her tied shut so I could not get out.

I feel this from my human.

I tried to scratch and bite that bag but it was too strong for me. I tried and tried and tried but no matter what I did I just couldn't get out. It was very hot and I could not breathe.

I feel this from my human.

I fought for a long time, but I got tired. I cried, scratched, and chewed to survive but I could not save myself. I was trapped, exhausted and alone. The humans threw me away, they were not coming back for me.

I feel this from my human.

I started going to sleep but the light and air poured in and I knew that I was safe and everything was going to be ok.

I want this for my human.

I need my human to feel the light and air; the safety, and hope that I felt when she lifted me, almost lifeless, out of that bag.

Are there humans who can help?
Kayabruiserwood Kayabruiserwood
41-45, F
Sep 16, 2012