Why Is It So Hard To Say ... ???

"Oh but I say it to you in so many other ways and in the things I do for you ... why do I have to say it ... why is it so important?"



If I hear that one more time I'll do something drastic.  For god's sake what's the matter with men?

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thank you gryfnn, sylph and hanging tree. No big mansions involved here ht ... haha.<br />
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I agree that it's about re-enforcement - a building block - but sometimes it's hard to get others to see things your way. Oh well ...

It isn't the things you do that show you love them. Its re-enforcing the fact that you love them. Its reminding them, that they chose you for one reason or another.<br />
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To hear the words "I Love You" from some one deeply cared about, reminds them that Love doesn't have to be carried with an item, but that it actually means something.<br />
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Unless, of course, that item was a big mansion. :P

Bliss...I'm not a man...but..."I love you"............ ;)<br />
Should have said this sooner... *hugs*

In my family, those three little words are almost always what we say at parting.

I think you have to speak up forum - shout a little louder perhaps!!

yes - three simple words michelle!!

yes - three simple words michelle!!

It seems so difficult for some people to say though amy.

i love u ,is beautiful to hear it..

thanks for commenting sylph and hammerhead.

Saying it means commitment........they're scared s**t ! ! !<br />
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Some do though...unexpectedly...

Not sure yet amy - but I'm thinking about it!!

heh :) oh no what will u do? :O