Jade Green

"I love you" with no action behind it means nothing to me any longer.  I have heard "I love you" from so many men in my life that simply want to pull my panties down has caused me to become jaded.

I normally think it is bullshit these days when a man tells me he loves me. There are a few exceptions like my dear old daddy... I know he loves me with a pure heart. . .I know that Jimmy Moon loved me and that he only wanted the best for me and that he still loves me in some cosmic arena. Even though I recently stopped wearing his ring I think I will always have this weird connection to him... I know that my brother loves me and he has proven this to me many times in my life. .. I know that my boyfriend loves me and that he goes out of his way to show me that he does; he is certainly about love in action and I have no doubt about it. (I am waiting for him to make the CAW for me though. lol )... I know that Silver01ta loves me whether he says those words or not.  There is just no man that is going to stay up all night with a woman crying over another man unless he really cares about her and he did that for me for a long time. He gave me my life back and I will always love him. He is my family of choice. I know that Rog loves me to death. I also know that there are so many more that love me in some way or another. Wow maybe I am not so jaded after all. 

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You are right and I get to hear that often, thanks Destry

Besides hearing it from my children...I have only heard it once that I believed and it was sooooo wonderful....I wish I could hear it like that again. Maybe one day :)

he wants to take me to my favorite lighthouse in my fav place in the world mother and I won't let him lol, He tries hard.

LOL I am not stubborn. You are the one that is old and set in your ways lol.

I've tempted here with lots, she's being stuborn<br />

LMAO. yes you are good.

Been working on it, just cant get her to come on down ;)

Oh don't give him ideas lol.

That is why I love my guy so much. I know I can count on him and he isn't a little p*ssy either. He watches out for me here and in life. He doesn't let anyone disrespect me. Things that I just say pffft to he doesn't tolerate. It is kind of funny sometimes. I love him though but I think it is very obvious when I write about him so much. That is my love in action for him lol. <br />
<br />
Adam, I think she knows. Just make sure you back up your words. I personally think you are a very romantic man. You come across that way and mmmm romantic men are beautiful.

I really Love these three words "I love you", and I really mean it when I tell a certain girl...<br />
I just hope she knows how much I care and truely love her at this moment and forever ^_^