A Skateboard, A Soulmate

Skateboarding. It is so easy to leap before you look. Us skaters find out sooner or later what a "rough tumble" is. And on one fine day......
"Walkman On"
I was determined to jump quite a few concrete steps...and before I could change my mind...my board flew out from underneath. Leaving me with only one option. Ow. I actually landed directly on my feet, and jammed the hell out of my knees (I could barely walk for almost two weeks) To my surprise.. nothing was broken? I truly believed that I was paralyzed for the first few minutes because it took me so long to pick myself up. Now I realize how Luck plays its little part. It could have been much worse. I must admit, I shy away from skateboarding stunts these days....

And yes, I'm still skating around. Everywhere ;p


My ultimate point...
Don't let a skateboarding disaster keep you from skating!


Don't let Anything come between you and skateboarding....

The Love of Your Life
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1 Response Dec 3, 2012

Ok sk8r girl! You've got my attentions! Lol. Great message. Love your writing... :)

That is VERY SWEET of you to say! =p I'm *blushing*

Lol. Oh...stop it! You're too cute to be all p!nk and stuff... lol