Omg I'm so bored... Ughhh! I'm so bored that I'm cleaning and I hate cleaning. That's when you know you are really bored....
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29 Responses Jun 5, 2015

Add me please!!

Thank you :)

17 hours still bored ,your high maintenance sweetheart , (or is it hard work lol).....................take care

that told me did nt it


i dont think your bored ,just a bit boring ............... .......x

Allow me to love you


How are you


Looks like you have a lot of people to talk to!

If you have time message me.

you can come and clean my house if your really bored.

She's gonna be cleaning regardless

Message me if you want to chat

Hi beaitful can I be yr misstress or master and control u

its 7. am here and i woke up early ... *bored* :(

Let's hook up...

After you finished cleaning get a tall glass of wine and put some classic rock and play it LOUD and relax


Next time you're bored my room could use a clean

I was serious . Kind of

So send random pics to folks in your circle, see what that generates

Reckon you'd still be bored

Either way fun for you... And maybe fun for them...

Beautiful profile picture

Why aren't you chasing men or women tonight, it's a beautiful Friday nite

You're so bored you clean? Why not go drive?

I love cleaning with Clorox

How many more years studying before you become licensed? Actually skilled nursing in lot of acute care is in short supply.

That's not bad. I deal with health professionals everyday. I am a claims adjuster.

Hi sorry youre bored

Shouldnt be for you

message me your number and ill call you so could talk
you don't need to worry as i live in Egypt and Dubai i am pretty sure that's far away from you

i am serious inbox me

Nursing is a excellent career choice. Good luck to you.


Hey pm me

No plans on a Friday night?

Reminds me of the other Andy Rooney

And you are killing all the little monsters with your cleaning.....germs

At least there is some joy that is the beginning of the weekend. Happy Weekend.