anyone please text me, I'm seriously bored.
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How can I be of service

you can tell me a joke, I love jokes

Well my personality or my face usually gets a crowd laughing. My aunt said I should be a stand up comedian. Funny I thought I had more life skills than that.

haha..wish I could see your face.

Well obviously you didn't understand the first part. No no you wouldn't want to see this monstrosity

lol..I still wanna see it. and now I understand what you meant.

Yea. So I hope that made you laugh

yes it did..thank you

No problem

text me please

you wanna tell me why you are scared?


you joined a group that says "I am scared"

Well fear is a relative emotion. I don't remember what I was scared of. Most likely an event


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i talk to yuo yyyyyyaaaaayyyyy