Feeling A Fool

I've invested everything into a man I thought was the one but tonight I've discovered he's a member of numerous online dating services, one of which he joined yesterday, and he's getting ***** photos sent to him by other women. He's sworn it's all innocent etc etc but I just don't believe him (been here before) and I'm resenting it being turned onto me as my fault for not trusting him blah blah when blatantly he's just taking the ****. We've been together a year and he swears he loves me but I want to retain my dignity.
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4 Responses Jul 16, 2010

While reading your comments I could feel the knot in the pit of my stomach. This has happened to me twice (in my two marriages). I know how it rocks your entire life.<br />
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You deserve better than what you have.

Investing your heart is so scary and so risky. While he says he maybe invested in you, he may be thinking he needs to have an escape route just in case. I guess the question would be, "how many other relationships has he had and how long did they last?" Does he expect the relationship to last longer then a year... 5 years.... 10, forever? Is that what you want and do you have hope it will last that long? You may have invested in a learning lesson rather then the man of your dreams. <br />
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I'm by no means the mad of anyone's dreams but I sure do want to try to be the best man I can to the person I'm with right now... I may screw up and be wrong a lot but I work hard at being the man of her dreams and I make that obvious... if he isn't obviously trying to be the man of your dreams (whether he's failing at it or not) then maybe you should look for someone who will try harder

If he is still using dating sights then he is not serious about you and still keeping his options open. This is disrespectful to you and the relationship. The fact that you cannot trust him says it all. Without trust, love and self respect erodes. I advise that you maintain your dignity and move on to a better man that you can trust and they are out there. Best wishes,D.

I'm sorry this is happening to you :(<br />
I really don't think you should put up with it. Big hugs to you!