Please Talk With Me.

I am a lonely guy who just wants to tell what is in his soul, now he hurts inside. I try and do good things for people all the time and yet no one has the time to do that for me. Can someone just listen while I tell them that hurt so badly inside? Is that to much to ask?

I am a very carring guy  build others up and try and help them see how good they are, no one has time to do that for me.
Tkevin Tkevin
46-50, M
11 Responses Aug 17, 2010

Hi I know how u feel I am 27 female and feel exactly the same way

The saddest thing is that it takes actually telling people one feels this way to be offered any sort of affection, which is wrong. You shouldn't have to demand attention, it ought to be reciprocated. On the other hand most people will say they are caring and listen to other peoples' problems and do not receive the same back. if I didn't know well how this feels to be that person, too, I'd wonder.

In the end...the reality is...we all just want to be loved!

yeah i'll listen. tell :)

I would love to hear your problems. Unload!

I am right here with you !

Tell. I'll listen

Kevin, you and I are alike. I listen to everyone's problems and stand by them no matter what but hell if they do that for me. I have learned that I can only rely on my dogs for comfort and that is just sad. I felt ashamed to go to my family when I was going through my last marriage and internalized everything. Now, all I do is listen, no one cares enough to hear what I have to say. Even when they come to me for advice, I give it to them but then they go out and do what someone else told them to do. WTF Why ask for my advice if you aren't even going to take it? They just wanted someone's full attention. So if you need someone to listen, I'm here for you. I know that sometimes that is all you need to feel better. ::hugs::

Sure, i'll tell you about my problems if you want to hear it.

You should tell me too

Ok tell me your problems and i'll listen to you.