What's Next?

its always something it seems like, if you've read my other story you know whats going on....
so last night my fiancee and i argued about all of that stuff in the other story.
so i was going to stay at my moms or sleep on the couch cause i deffinately didnt feel welcome in our bed,
it was just akward cause he told me i dont make him happy and i dont do enough and all this really sweet stuff,
then told me to decide what i wanted. decide what i want?
he should know what i want cause thats what ive been arguing for.
just some help from him, some support.
in no way did i show and or act like i wanted to split up and just ruin everything. so what does he mean by decide what i want?
so anyways i told him i want us to still be together and work things out as a family. i told him im sorry ive been so sleepless and
its made me irritable and ive just been on edge and realllyyy stressed out and he just ignored me and rolled over in bed and acted like that was just the end of the conversation. so i was like HELLO? please talk to me. and he said, no, im just tired ok.
(also he had just gotten home from where he told me he was going to go look at a truck to trade, and came home smelling like alcohol? clames he just started drinking with the guy. sounds weird to me, he was acting a little strange about the situation)
then when he got home, the first thing he does is say , im gonna take a shower and IM going to bed, really rude, like i wasnt allowed to go. idk, so that started a bit of a fight there and it was on from there.
so im up all night crying and taking care of our son and then he says things like he doesnt wanna be with me and told me that im doing all the same things as his ex wife and thats why he left her and then i crawl into bed and he starts cuddling me and holding me like nothing ever happened?
what in the heck?
thennn he gets ready to leave for work this morning and he kissed our son goodbye and told him he loved him (while i was holding him) then kissed me on the forhead? and just left.
didnt even talk to me, look at me, say i love you...nothing just left?

so then i text him and said "i love you and have a good day at work"
he replied and said ok ya you to..
then about 5 minutes later said love you more.
what does that mean?
first you dont even say it back, was that just to hurt me? mess with my head? what?
or did you not love me back but then just change your mind?
i feel so sick to my stomache. we had the perfect life and perfect family until this weekend. i have no ideah
what is going on? just all of a sudden. things arent gonna be easy right now, and i new that, but hes acting like its not supposed
to be hard at all.
idk what to feel or say or do:(
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1 Response Oct 28, 2010

OMG!!! Yes what does he MEAN!!! It's like he's playing mind games but then not, wants you but then not, very weird. And drinking with a guy that's supposedly gonna trade cars with....not so sure about that. I mean it is possible that he could have just started drinking with the guy so he doesn't seem rude BUT he should have thought about you and baby at home and said 'no thank you' and get his a** home. Men always have problems with adjusting to the parent roll they still wanna act like they can do and say whatever and whenever they want. What bullshit I think. Maybe you guys need a break. He doesn't know what things will be like without you in the picture and maybe it's time to show him!!! Only a suggestion!!! hope to hear what happens next soon. Take care of yourself and that little man of yours:)