Im Unhappy

Im always mistrustful,anxious,envyous,sad,aggitated,etc...nothing helps me except my dude,and thats 50% of the time,nothing grab's or excite's me anymore,it feel's like it's all been done before.Ive become scared of everyday life,I have many irrational fear's,that im aware of but they persist on me everyday,if that make's any sense at all..Im forever lonley,and feeling like an outcast,even among friend's and family,im 26y/o..and ive become very introverted,i distance myself from event's and keeping up with friend's cause i guess i fear some form of rejection?i live on love-but definetly not self-love,i dont want to be here,but i dont wanna be there?It's a really ackward feeling and i hate it...(Write Anything That Help's Please)ME
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3 Responses Dec 17, 2010

I am walking in your shoes. I know exactly how you feel. I've been told I am a bad person when the person doesn't know me. I am also learning I am who I am. You are who you are. Who that is? that's a question only you can answer. The best people like us can do is our best. We can look inside ourselves and see who we are. We are not perfect. We will never be perfect. Quit trying, It makes things more stressful. Sure, there are things we can change about ourselves. We can improve things about ourselves. That's all we can do.

You are too hard to yourself... Try to open yourself to people around u...<br />
I think a lot of people care about u, u just don't realize that yet... Me for example ;)<br />
And do not afraid for something that still possibility. There's no absolute prediction that u'll bee rejected, right?? Cheer up :)

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