I Just Don't Understand...

I know a lot of people will think this is not a relevant or interesting problem but it's pretty much my life so I would love to hear anything that you have to say about this. I guess I need a complete outside perspective. I am going to be honest here, I am really pretty, I have a very classical face and people tell me all the time that I look like Helena Bonham Carter, I'm kind of short but that's not a problem, the only bad thing about my physical appearance is that I'm a little fat around the middle so it looks weird because my legs are suuuper skinny. I am also really funny and fun and so may people love me without even knowing me and I have a million friends and I have the best time with them and it's so great. I just DON'T UNDERSTAND why no guys are interested in me in a romantic way!!! I am such a fun person to be with and everyone tells me so, so why the hell don't guys ever seem interested?? It can't be just because I'm a little fat, because I do hook up with guys quite a bit and I always catch guys staring at me at school and in clubs and stuff. I guess maybe I'm intimidating because I'm not really like other girls....I laugh at disgusting jokes and make disgusting jokes and I curse and I'm really opinionated and out there, but that's why people love me! My 3 best friends have boyfriends now, which makes me feel really alone. I don't want to have to modify my personality in order to get a guy to want to go out with me!! I am AWESOME, why don't they want to go out with me? I know they know I'm awesome so what's up?!?! Also, I always get obsessed with guys that I don't even know. Guys that I see around campus or at clubs and stuff and usually it's because I notice the noticing me. It's really weird and I get all stalkerish...any ideas as to why I do this? I'm really getting sick of this and I hope someone has some advice to share with me...I really don't want to have to turn into a different person just to be able to have a date but I don't think I should have to. Thanks...
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The above comments are true enough & well put. <br />
<br />
But at the risk of appearing prudish & at the same time speaking from experience; I can say the lewd jokes & subjects may attract the wrong type of fellow.<br />
<br />
I'm not being judgmental, just logical.

Be who you are, the right guy just hasn't found you yet. honesty is the best feature to have. it's hard to pretend to be something else, and in the end, the guy won't like the fake you anyway.......so keep the faith.

just keep been you're self and hang on and you'll find someone who understands you.