I Want To Talk To Someone!!

i am a guy.. leading a socially normal life. But i cant trust people easily. I need to talk to someone , someone i can trust, some one who is for real some one who is there for me, someone i would love to help. But i cant. I dont know when it started but i cant trust people easily. In a daylight i am a workaholic man, ready to take on the world but when it comes to be alone. i start missing that someone.

i dont know how to do, what to do? i can't go out n trust any stranger.
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I'm the opposite I trust too much an I just got my heart broken I hurt so bad my boyfriend after 4 yrs has stop talking too me his phone just got stolen an has not contacted me in over 22 days he has never done this bfor he is in another state at the moment. We have had our ups an downs but has never let me down until iam so heartbroken he has left me in limbo I don't know what too do I'm devasted an lost for words he means everything too me. If u have any advice please let me know an I can do the same for you thank you

For some people it will take much longer to trust someone. Don'rush to find someone though.

Baby boy. The way of your heart is weird, and it doesn't matter a bit. You will be alright. It's hard to be confident, but it is entirely up to you! Decide that some things matter more and prioritize. Refuse to be afraid! I can tell you, first hand, Heaven loves you as if you are the only one... you are. Don't frit it away. Be inclined to be the way you are and everything will work out to your benefit. Just, freaking refuse to be afraid and insist on doing what you know is right. It;s going to be alright. You must believe in yourself.


I don't trust people either, but i'm happy, because trust and love are two seperate things. I dont hate anyone, and I forgive immediately, but I don't trust. Well, I trust a few people, and that is the key. Find people you know would never betray anyone and be their friend for who they are. Add me as a friend, i'll listen to what ever you want to say. Even if you don't trust me, I would never betray someone EVER. :)

Hello Ky86,
My experience has been that false expectations lead to disappointment. Somehow we have been brought up to believe in goodness. Reality is that there is goodness and there is self interest. Most human beings in my experience do things believing that they are doing good however operating from self interest that in some cases they do not recognise. I sense that your expectations of people are very high and they keep disappointing you because they do not match up. Could this be?
If you have two amongst many other options:
- accept the world is this way and reset expectations
- do not reset expectations and accept you will be disappointed or that you will find fewer and fewer people to interact with.
Flicking some switches in the way you perceive things will lead to you being much happier. This should be a goal.
//btw........i am also struggling to do this. it is hard but it is my goal. I am accepting that the only person that can make me happy is myself.

Darling, do you really believe that it's all for naught? The heat wants what if wants. I dont't have a say and neither do you. Be sure of that you have choices and every time you make a choice, you get more choices. Know. Find yourself in the people who love you. Be good to that faith that other's have in you. Don't let yourself down and all will be stable. Please be well and be gentle with yourself. The world is made of rocks and tides... we are made of the stuff that keeps it all together. Please remember to have faith in your own knowing of right and wrong. Other people are nice to have, but they are not ourselves. Don't be afraid to be bold, it's what the future is waiting for!

i'm sure you will find someone you can talk to seeing that you are on EP..there is a variety of people on here with different views..different challenges..different ideas about how they see other people..trust is a very big issue..i am on here because people in my life can't really be trusted..at any rate, you will find that someone on here who will be-friend you and support you where you need it..good luck..

Sometimes it's easier to trust a stranger than someone you know because they don't have any way to hurt you. They don't know you... They can't reveal your thoughts and fears and secrets to the people you know. They're less likely to judge you. It can be nice to have a stranger to talk to - you don't necessarily even need trust. Just their willingness to listen.

What a s'heart. I would like to have you for a girlfriend. You have a good stability to your thought patterns. It's good that you'r here. Be well!

Hi!<br />
I am here, if you need someone to speak with. <br />
Take care and have a great 4th of July! <br />
<br />
Hugs <br />
- Marin.

I had my soul mate for 21 years. You can't trust people and i absolutely will not. While i was being a good mother and wife my husband was playing around with any girl he could find. I didn't know about any of it until it hit me in the face. He finally came out with the truth and was leaving me for his 4 YEAR affair. He was always on call so i never gave a second thought when he called to say he would be late or when his pager went off and he had to leave... I was the BIGGEST fool a person could be. I haven't loved since. I have had relationships but i just can't give myself fully anymore. They are married and i am a wreck. He was my love of the life time and i was his play of a life time. I hope you find yours Ky86 and that you are blessed with all you desire.

Redefine your mind sister..love is within.let its resonance reverberate in your cosmic earth walk.
Change your perseption.
Don't let the wonder in your heart
Fizzle by the misdeed of the past.
Look for what it is your dreamers heart longs for.
And heal your misperseptions.
Life is but a dream butterfly.
Keep your love alive
Queen of hearts.
Or queen of sorrowful tomorrow's.

Thank you. I have been trying, but the guy i am with just can't fill the hole that was left. He says he loves me, but he never has conversations with me. I always feel alone and it hurts. I always tell my sister that we are strangers having an affair.. that's what it feels like to me.


Men can be such asswholes. The story starts at the groin and moves, two brain cells at a time, to the mind and neither matters when a **** needs no conscience! I grieve with you. But, "next!" It really is up to you to do right by yourself. Trust isn't the issue... YOU are the issue. Refuse to be afraid. Just, refuse to be afraid. You can call me. I'll ***** you up! No,, but I do wish for your release from the grief. Be well, sugar.

I think a lot of us are looking for the same thing. I have people around me, i do trust them but for some reason i don't seem to want to tell things that i would love to share with that special person, my best friend, my soul mate. I completely understand you.x

yes.. that wat i mean.. thats wat me looking for... i have evrything.. except for that someone...

I hope that you find that special someone and that all you desire comes true and may happiness always find you.

I'm here for you.

Masochistic tendency ...understanding shaddows of the mind. Take ownership of your perspective. You the Creator..you the God or demon. However evading responsibility, while yet another role we humans enjoy...does put one at the Disadvantage of being lost.ever the poor helpless victim. I have found breif moments of brutal self honesty.whereby I squarely faced my darkness. And I enjoy it naughty r

Or trust your self to be strong enuff to survive asssholes. I sufffer the same fear. For myself..I find these demons of suspicion not easily tamed.however I am the mind that conceived it. As such...I need to tame my pet nightmares.

I know.. wat u waanaa say... I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul... but sometimes.. every one needs someone spl... the question here is .. is that soulmate is myth.. or lov is just a fiction..

As I think..that creates.so...yes and no.meeting another's heart does exist. It has in my life.

i want to talk to someone right now

ive been banned from club pogo because i said someone was sittin on their but wacthing and i dont think thats fair when they say things much worse and i will fight this to the end believe me

Ganzelle... thanks... may be we can talk....

maybe i can help... maybe we could talk

thanks bamm24 !! you wrote something to think about......

Hello, i think you need to call that "someone" and even if you don't call her, write her a letter. Tell her she doesn't need to answer but release what you feel. Don't be a workaholic!. Continue taking some class that you could enjoy. Anything, Karate, Yoga, dancing? i don't know what you may like but give some love to yourself. pamper yourself, read, write, and about trust it's not easy to trust but whoever that person is, whether is right or not accepted by 'people" you must face it and deal with it. You need to accept yourself and your feelings first before anyone else agrees or keeps your personal life's information within themselves with caring compassion and understanding. If someone betrays your trust, is their problem, not yours. If you're real and genuine, you'll attract those same types of people into your life. Be wise and clever because yes, it's full of fakes out there but use your common sense and our gut feeling. Take care.

I get what you meen, but part of the problem is not knowing what you are afraid of telling people, lots of people feel like that but are unsure of what that things is. Who is the real you and what are you worried about people knowing

I could talk if you need to. i know my age might detour you, but i assure you, i am beyond my years.