A Little Advice Please

I am 46. I am an out of work, constrution field Operations Coordinator who is currently working as a caregiver for the elderly. I work for a wealthy woman and I do all sorts of job duties. I do a shampoo set on a 98year old 3 times a week. I was offered an opportunity to go to school part-time and go to cosmetology school to learn the trade and once I am certified, MY BOSS OFFERED TO ASSIST IN OPENING MY OWN SALON.

Question: aren't I a little too old to start cosmetoloy school?
what do you think? I am a mother of 5 adults and 3 grandbabies and a boyfriend and 4 pets. I think I would be stupid if I didn't take the offer but I also have an old back injury and and I'm in chronic pain. But, I can't lay all this on my employer because I am a hard working woman but gosh I', fearful my pain level would increase and I'd FAIL!
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3 Responses May 18, 2011

Go for it as long as there are no strings attached.<br />
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You are never too old to continue an education.<br />
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If it is your salon, you will not be doing all the work; you will hire good people to do that for you, so you will not have to be up on your feet all the time, having back pain.<br />
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If it is your dream or the elderly dream, make them happy. They probably look at you as a daughter and they want to help you like they did their own kids or do something nice for you.<br />
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You will hurt their feelings if you do not accept their offer.

As Lifeless Star said, you're never too old to get an education. I say go for it if your health permits!

It's kind of up to you. If you really want to go to cosmetology school then you should do it. And no one's to old to continue their education.<br />
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Take Care<br />
Lifeless Star