Love And Pain

I am 19 years old.One of the worst things happened and i fell in love my bestfrend.We've konwn each other for many years-13 years- and bestfriends since we met.But after that many years, last month everything changed.I started to envy him more than everyone and getting angry easily if he replied my messages lately.Our universities are in same city but far so we met one or twice a week.We started to behave us differently-he hold my hand everytime or hug.It is too silly because we are really good friends and help each other about our love affairs.And now everything seems really strange.And about 1 week ago he began to behave me chillinessly.He didn't send any messages or call me so was i(i sent one or two messages but he sent me short and chill replies or nothing...I missed him very much but i cannot call him or send message.I hope he didn't find a girlfriend.Aside from everthing,maybe my emotions can change and i love him as my friend again like old times so i dont wan't to lose him.I really dont know what will i do
Eptelyn Eptelyn
18-21, F
3 Responses May 26, 2011

we didn't talk to each other a few days and today we told again,sunday we will meet again.I can see him and I can evaluate he and his behaviours better, thanks for your precious comments :)

maybe he feels the same way with you.. just explain how you got your emotions mixed up

It's sounds like you're very close friends and because now you have feelings for him, you're struggling to be honest. The best thing to do would be just to tell him how you feel hey. Whatever he says, atleast you'll know where you stand. There is nothing worse than losing touch with your best friend. Good luck! :)