I'm Scared

There's a guy. And he is always telling me I'm pretty and wants to hug and touch and be around me all the time and just....
I don't see why he would be interested in me, when he could do better (to put it honestly)

It makes me nervous and confused and into not wanting to take things any further because well,
I want to protect myself and not get hurt.
Don't want the possibility of losing what there is now.

It keeps playing on my mind and I just get all nervous and over think things when I'm around him....

I don't know why I can't just live in the moment and go with the flow, especially since he is so honest and sweet to me, and tells me he never wants me to change and I'm one of the few he's comfortable around...

I really just don't see why he's interested.
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Sounds like you're underestimating yourself to me. "I'm one of the few he's comfortable around" hold a lot of value. I'd love to find a girl I'm comfortable with.

Hmm, ya know... You need to be completely honest and tell him how it's making you feel. I know it's hard. But you will find the courage to do it sooner or later because it will hit the point of when you can't take it anymore. It may confused him or throw him off but you want to protect yourself and you are totally on the right path. =) Keep it up. Follow your heart.

personly i dont like the girl cause of her looks i like the girl cause live everywhon boys ill be there friend girls ill allways date them if thay ask me out sence i dont like to at this moment i have about 4 girls that i have a crush on cause my brain says there cute but in my mind i love everybody

Try no sex until marriage. ;)

The reasons aren't for you to see, it's a case of his eyes only. We are infamous for being our worse critics.

Some of these(guys) people will treat you like your on a pedestal. Then they slip the ring on you...and your there's. Don't fall for it. Beware of dudes bareing gifts. Or rings. Some of the others here are a bit overly trusting. If its to good to be true. Well you know. Trust your gut feelings.

You are always your own harshest critic - I bet he wishes that you could see yourself the way that he sees you! Obviously there is something about you that he finds is special, and maybe taking the chance to be with him might help you see that in yourself as well!

He just might be the best thing that ever happened to you. If you feel that he loves you and you have feelings for him too. Don't waste anymore time. Surender yourself to him and be happy for the rest of your life.

There is a woman in my life whom i love with all my heat and soul and i have proven it. I would do anything for her and i have proven it. I would even die for her, but i hope i don't have to prove it anytime soon, but it might come to that. She loves me too, but not in the same way that i love her and it breaks my heart because she refuses to take it to the next level.

dear young lady, trust your intuition, dont let manwhore use you and abuse you. wait for ninety days, see if he still interested. no sex for ninety days :) make sure you look at him from practical side of life, does he care if you sick? does he care to remember what you like? does he care about your well being? all good things comes at right times, just wait and see :)

I think he must see how beautiful you are, you just don't know it yourself yet. Why be afraid of being hurt, you will miss out on living and loving

Dosen't want to change you ha ha ! Don't believe it

Just let him go. There must be a reason why you don't feel ready. Don't feel "forced into" the relationship/going further than being friends or acquaintances. You will feel something if you really like him. Someone else will come your way. It may be hard to reject someone sometimes, but he would (and should) respect your decision.

You could not move things any further and let them stay where they are at. You are right you would be safe, and you wouldn't have the chance of getting a broken heart. Where do you go from there? You have to live your life and stop being afraid. You need to get some self confidence as well. You said you couldn't possibly see what he is interested in, why is that? Love who you are, accept who you are. What have you got to lose?

Your sanity. Your safety. Your life.

well, do you love him or not?<br />
if you do, tell him that, and if he tells you that he loves you too, then it's done. still, if you don't want to take things farther for the moment, you tell him to give you some time, but don't take too long.<br />
if you don't, you know what you have to do, and the sooner the better.<br />
<br />
DON'T stay with someone just because you "Don't want the possibility of losing what there is now" or because "he is so honest and sweet to you, and tells you he never wants you to change and you are one of the few he's comfortable around...", it won't be fare to neither of you, and both of you will get hurt, though one of you more than the other.<br />
people should stay together because they want to, not because they have to or they afraid they won't find someone else or because they think that they can't do better.<br />
believe me, it will save a lot of people a lot of trouble if they do that.

Take a deep breath. Now u hav 2 opptions:<br /><br />
Okay! U are amazin and any guy would happily love okay? So go on a d8 wiv him already.<br /><br />
<br /><br />
Or:<br /><br />
Tell him u need some space and aren't ready then say u wana b friends first!

if u feel he the right man for u then go ahead else just step back..<br /><br />
Mostly such relationship ends as regret.

tell him you just are not ready for that step and to back off if he hangs around and takes you to luch and stuff he mat have a real interest in you or most likey he is after somnething