I'm Scared

Last week at work my boss fired me. She said i lied to her when i didn't. My union told me that i'll get my job back.
The problem is that i've had to watch my wife cry and fret. I've told her everything will be alright and I have faith it will. But that little voice in the back of head says what if. It makes me so worried that my gut hurts so much. I worry that how long before i get back to work. I wonder if the supervisor will try to get me fired again just because she can. If i'll have to use all my savings up. We have been saving up for another car because ours is breaking down. Also a week and a half ago we find out our water heater needs replaced.
I pray and believe god will take care of us during this time. I'm still so scared and i don't want to be.
I'm sorry for crying my problems to all.
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1 Response Sep 20, 2011

For the sake of your relationship, do not show fear. Be confident, be a leader, and start looking for other job options while your current debacle gets sorted out. Just be pro-active and don't think about the crap that you can't change. <br />
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Just my 2 cents