Im Tired Of Feeling So Hurt And Alone

I'm tired of getting hurt all the time and when I cry I'm called a baby for it and put down. All I get is negative remarks towards me and I just feel so alone. I refuse to feel guilty for having a good heart and not shutting up and putting up . I'm tired of my husband being so cruel I'm tired of crying I just want compassion and Care I want someone there for me . All this pain is pushing me to a breaking point what's wrong with being treated right and being happy , no more sad tears thats my wish
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1 Response Mar 19, 2012

you are absolutely right! don't feel guilty about the person that you are. you do not deserve that at all!! i would always get the same response from my husband. i feel like he just wants me to just accept his behavior but i will not!! have you tried talking to your husband about this? is he receptive to change? if not, then you have to change. i'm not saying leave your husband or anything even close to that but some changes have to be made in order for you to happy. you have to focus more on you and what makes you happy. sometimes we love so hard that we forget to love ourselves and once you realize your worths, the better off things will be. you have to first start with prayer for you and your husband but more for you. you should not be put down for wanting to be happy. that's not good at all and it's unhealthy. i can just imagine what you're going through.