I Need Someone I Can Trust

I am surrounded by family, but there's no one to put my deepest feelings with. Therapists have never really helped me and I don't know  if they ever will. 
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31-35, M
4 Responses May 2, 2012

I would join a 12 step program. It's one of the places where some of the deepest and darkest feelings are shared without judgment and where people identify with your feelings and you find out that there are others with some of those same feelings.

I think i can relate a bit, yeah that is a hard one.

U & I r the same, except the 2 Monsters I live with are the ones who killed my Mommy when I was a small baby, they'll just never tell me.

We all reach a place in our lives where we need to talk. Sometimes it's better to talk to a stranger about how we feel and what we going through then a family member or a friend. Some how it feels safe and they don't know anybody you know etc; So I am here if you ever want to talk. I will never judge you or try and push my opinions on you. I try always to respect others views. Life is tuff and nobody is an island we all need somebody some time. I have friended you so it will be easier. Hope you have an awsome day.

The 2 Monsters I live with think I should mention my troubles to Them before ANYONE else! The Truth is: Your words r wise beyond your years. So, I trust u. (Not that I can trust them anyhow)