College On A Christian Campus Sucks

I go to a private college that cost about 30,000$ a year. Its a christian college, but surprisingly most people are not what you would define as Christians. People have sex, do drugs, steal, cheat, and lie. I'm surrounded by 2000 rich kids. I am poor, yes really poor, foot stamp poor, i'm sure you get the direction in which this is headed. I hate being poor, i came to college with 100 dollars in my pocket set off into a strange world where i practically didn't know anyone. Most of the girls are stuck up and don't really see the big picture. I'm a nice guy, 6 ft pretty athletic, golden blond hair and a passion for Christ. I cant find a single girl who will like me for who I am. 
mrblondeguy mrblondeguy
May 4, 2012