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I have always felt alone, depressed sad even though I have loads of people of around (family and friends) but I feel like I am missing that one person in my life. I never had anyone I talk to about my problems I can't seem to turn to anyone else. I have many many suicidal thoughts and I don't what to do anymore, I feel lifeless not wanting to do anything just want to lay there in bed every morning and do nothing. There is no inspiration in my life. Unused to have that one special girl but because of the way I was at the time I lost her I regret it everyday, I try to fill that gap with drink I just don't know where to turn I just to talk to someone on how I can get my head straight and be back to normal....
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2 Responses May 6, 2012

I don't handle these things well either. I get deeeply depressed and have lost a lot over the years as it affected my productivity so badly I dropped out of college for awhile have almost lost jobs and am suffering right now just thinking about the future of my upcoming divorce and being a fiffysomething single dad while my ccràzy wife acts like a 22 year old at 42. I will have to raise three kids alone because I wont want t them around her likely parade of young men. I know there is a huge blessing at the end of every trial and I have seen them as I made itthrough each breakup and look back now on the gifts that were behind the doors that opened when one closed.

**** my problems sound like nothing, hang in there mate if you can stay strong I must be able to and if not you always got to remember the easy way out (point,click,bang)

Thats not an option with my beliefs! I'm glad at least maybe you can feel better knowing things could be a lot worse. You're beautiful healthy and kind from what I can tell.

Beautiful person I meant to!

You okay? I am a lot older and have loved and lost many a girlfriends a couple of fiancees and now on the verge of losing a wife. The times they left hurt badly. The times I left not so much. Point is you are young and have so much ahead and when God who loves you finds the right one for you what you feel right now is going to be a faint memory. He is always preparing us for the next better thing. Trust in that he wont give you took much to handle.

Thanks :) good way of putting it I just felt so bad it's horrible everything just seems pointless plus I really can't handle things like this that well I really can't