Falling Apart.

when i was a kid i was abused at home, i was beaten almost every day it was torture. when i was older i got into an abusive relationship where my boyfriend beat me almost every day. I dumped him and got together with my husband who hasĀ  always been wonderful and amazingly supportive but tonight we got into a major argument and he said "I understand why people hit you" it was the most hurtful thing i have ever herd in my life. I would rather take a beating than hear that from him. I just love hi so much it just makes me think is it me do i drive people to the point of violence? 'I feel like it is all my fault and i feel worthless. I just want to curl up and die. I dont want to be here anymore. if the person i love the most in life is this fed up with me i just cant take it. I want it to end, I dont want to be the cause of a violent cycle once again. I just dont know what to do i am just tired and i have cried all of the tears i have to cry.
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1 Response May 6, 2012

Please, do not judge him and yourself with one incident. We all used to have bad day and bad time. Just because we hit him on a bad day and he hits back, he cannot be cruel, dear. This is totally unfair. He is kind to you all these years, and he will continue to be. Please understand him. We all human being, just because of one 10 minutes argument if you are going to discard all those hours he was good, will hurt him deeply. It is our duty to understand his bad time and do not mind the erroneous words.