I Have No Clue Whats Going On In My Life

So i know i put some of the stuff on myself but i am in a really hard spot and i dont know who to talk to. Well first off let me start with saying im 18 and going to college in the summer. I really like this guy that i am going to be with when i move but at the same time i really like this other guy that im best friends with now. I think i know waht to do about them but then on top of me trying to figure that out, trying to figure everything out with college after my brother decided to move so i cant move with him so i have no where to live. Well now my friends are being mean to me because i think its rude that they were making fun of a gay man by laughing out the window. they called me retarded and said it was a joke but its not a joke when someone is insecure about themselves. I just feel like everything is crumbling. Help? what do i do
sb23 sb23
18-21, F
May 7, 2012