I Dont Know What To Do...

My father was diagnosed with cancer about 2 months ago and he's going into surgery on the 21st but my eldest brother is flying in on the same day. We also have 2 guest staying with us right now and 1 of them doesn't speak English. The one that doesn't speak English is, i guess planing on marrying my dad. Shes really nice and all but the culture clash is hard and she cant speak English well so we cant even communicate properly. And I know if shes gonna be my step-mother I have to be nice and treat her nicely and all but its hard when you can communicate.  I don't care about age or anything but my dads 58 and the girl is only 32 (i think). I truly don't care about that but it just feels like I'm not welcome in the house. I've lived with my dad for my whole life and from that time I've never seen him with any other women really. I still go and visit my mom because she lives a block away and I really want to stay with her because of the guest situation. But my dad keeps playing the guilt trip thing on me saying that he wants me here because he loves me and then hes all like, 'yeah i understand its strange' And then yesterday I tell him I'm walking to my moms and that I was planing on staying with her for the week until my brother gets in because i haven't seen my bro in like 4 years. (I live in hawaii and my brothers live on the mainland). Then my dad starts saying things like ' How I'll be sooooo sad if he dies when hes in surgery and for that week I didn't get to spend anytime with him' and 'Don't leave me I feel weird with our guest her'. BUT I feel uncomfortable even at my moms house. My mom got this abusive boyfriend who has problems with ALL the neighbors and he likes picking fights with them. So that's strange too because I know all my moms neighbors and there all really nice people and I feel bad that they have to take the abusive language of my mothers boyfriend. And on top of that the guy likes to "play" with my little brother ( hes from a different father) my bro lives with my mom and my mom has no control over her boyfriend or my brother and my brother gets really hurt from "playing" with him. Its more like smacking him around. I really don't like watching that so I try to get between them but I cant cause there big. So I have no where i feel welcome. I've told one of the family friends and she says I should stay with her because we go to the same school and all but her living situation isn't all that good either because shes in a 2 bedroom apartment with 6 people and like 20 tea cup dogs there. I don't have a boyfriend I can stay with or anything similar. I'm a-social so I don't have like any friends I can talk to either and I'm flipping out because i cant talk to my dad who I always talk to when I'm in a tight situation and I have finals coming up the same days as my dads in surgery and I cant even visit him after the surgery because he has to stay in the hospital after for 7 days and I don't have a drivers permit or enough money to take a bus. And I reallllly don't want to stay at home with our 2 guest when my dads not home. On top of that I have 2 more weeks of school coming up and if I fail any of my finals I might have to repeat my 10th year even though I have almost all A's. So right now I'm in this tight situation. It really sucks and I just want somewhere to sleep and do homework and study with out feeling unwelcome. I really want to stay with my mom cause then I can help with my mom and her violent boyfriend but my dad keeps saying how he might die and dads the only thing I got, so I'd probably commit suicide if he died and I wasn't there for him in his time of need but the situations so complicated and strange. I just dont know what to do...
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It doesn't sound so safe staying with your mom and her violent boyfriend. I think you may be better off staying with your dad. Sure, the guest cannot speak to much english but atleast she is not violent, and you could have more peace studying. <br />
Besides, what if the violent boyfriend comes after you one day? <br />
<br />
I hope you make a good choice. and also wish your father a fast recovery.<br />
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Take Care