Dont Wanna Loose Him

i met this amazing guy, who im madly in love with. i never believed in fairytales or love at 1st sight n he is both. im a young mother of 1 n hes so amazing with my son he ive never married neither has he an he has no kids hes 27 and im 22. i recently moved to nh an he resides in tx. we r planning on him coming to c us and i want to ask him to marry me. i know its not tradition but since ive been away from him i cant eat, sleep, im miserable. i do things to take my mind off of the distance but i wind up with the phone in my hand calling him just to hear his voice. its driving me insane. am i crazy? all i know is he is the one i want to spend the rest of my life with. i have everything i want but nothing i need and i need him. hes self employed works when he can an is crashing on his dads couch. that stuff doesnt matter to me though it should but it doesnt. im scared that i feel this way. i just really need feedback. hes the only man that makes me mad, sad, happy, overwhelmed and love all at the same time. do i hold onto it?inmyeyesidkwattodo
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May 8, 2012