Mrs Singh

i have been married for 10 yrs now.  When i lived at home my mum had these seasonal anger tantrums that really hurt me as an individual.  I was always attacked by her verbally.  This has now been going on for the last 17 yrs, since my sister got married.  It does not happen all the time its either towards Christmas or Easter, it lasts for about 4-6mths.  I am sick of being treated like an outcast because my mum does not do this with my brother or sister, i am 33yrs old i have 3 kids i should get some respect but she feels that she can abuse me in this way whenever she feels like it.  When her spell is over things are better, and i make the mistake and get close to her again. i want to break this chain im so tired of this. she says im jealouse of her and what she has, its not like that im being honest here. is she jealous of me?  please help i don't know what to do.
kayash02 kayash02
May 9, 2012