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hello my name is keriann i am having trouble getting through to my twin sister! i dont know what to do at this time it's really doing my head in.. she has just recently come out of an abusive relationship and to top it off she has decided to take the person back the have a history well that would be my nephew of course but that's about it.. i knew from the start that her relationship wasn't right and that she had rushed the whole thing. my family have said that she rushed this relationship cause she wanted something like my relationship. i'm not to sure when the abusive-ness had started but im not to sure if she has told me the truth, ever since she told me he laid his hands on her that was it for me i couldnt hold it in i had to tell her to report it to the police but she didnt. then things got rough at his house and his own sister reported him to the police in early feb and he was in prison for a good three months and then the truth came out that he was an abuser on his x partner and he swore to us that he was never like that.. he played on my sister wen she was pregnant that broke her.. she put him up for assualt he use to do it away from me and my partner he use to b in a gang and i knew from then he wasnt good for her but she was in love with him..
now that he is out of prison iv only seen him once and that was it he apologised to my partner for his stuff he tried doing to my partner trying to take him on outside my mums. anyway i have been hearing stuff about her taking him back and just today i had enough aye so i hit her up about taking him back no argueing or anything.. then she told me she was thinking about it and knew if i found out i would be mean to her about it and have alot to say, and i told her that was true. she told me he wont be moving in with her just taking it step by step and that its going to be a slow working process. im anger but i cant do this im that angry i dont want to know her i feel sorry for my mum were as thats were my sister and nephew lives and if he goes back their my poor mum will be back to square one again with them and i dont want that i need help guys i dont no what to do anymore
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1 Response May 9, 2012

She needs help. If you can get her some info on abuse so she can understand what is happening to her. The games he is playing. She won't want to believe you. He will do whatever it takes to be in control. It's all about control. Help her see what is best for her and child and be supportive not fighting. It's hard to do but fighthing about him will only make it worse. I feel for you and her.....good luck and here for your support