Unhappy In My Marriage

Im am a young mother of one..I met my husband four years ago and we've been together for 3yrs and married 1.5yrs. We have a 4month old together and she is the most beautiful thing in the world.he was laid off and we have had to move back in with his parents. since moving back he has turned into a child. he sleeps until noon,wont apply for jobs just plays computer games, ignores me unless he wants sex, and pawns our daughter off on his mother everytime he gets her. Im unhappy and just bored and feel totally alone and have no idea what to do i dont want my daughter to come from a broken home. i just need someone to talk to thats possibly in the same boat? i dont need people telling me to leave i just need to vent please help me.
AviaryStone AviaryStone
18-21, F
1 Response May 10, 2012

Things seem pretty bleak but from the sounds of it you'r fincally secure. I hope thats the case. You need to talk call 727 526 8805 to talk to a third party friend.