Needing Advice On Where To Go From Here

I find myself alone in front of the computer again. I really need help finding websites where I can actually CHAT WITH REAL PEOPLE. I am living a life in which it's hard to connect to people in person because of the things I'm going through right now. Next week I have to go to the hospital again to do blood tests and tests where they take your blood at different times, they are tests for Endocrinology issues. Just the thought of taking those tests again feel like someone is litterally cutting up my soul with a knife. It would make my life so much easier if I could get some opinions on websites where I could connect with people and CHAT ONLINE, it would be very helpful. I don't have the support and friendship that is going to make it possible for me to recover, and my mom has had to see me live with these health issues for over half of my life and it is killing her day by day, so I really need some help finding a place to meet new people that has chat rooms.
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

i understand what you feel. if u wanna talk im for you. just message me. im always here to help.

I don't know any chat rooms, but if you be-friend someone on here you can instant message them. Just at the bottom right part of the screen click on where it says how many are online. I talk to people through the instant messager all the time.<br />
Yahoo may have some online chat rooms and an instant messager you can down load and add your friends from differnt online communities like facebook. <br />
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You can add me and message me whenever I'm on, I don't mind meeting new people and chatting. <br />
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Good luck with your tests I hope everything comes out fine. Take Care

I am here to chat with you...anytime..