Today Is Not Going Good At All.

Okay, so I'm 18, I don't have my license bc I can't afford insurance and I'm trying my best to graduate in a few weeks. Since I don't have a car or license my boyfriend or stepdad has to take me everywhere. My boyfriend has no problem with it, my stepdad is a ****. I had cap and gown pictures today for graduation, and I also had an important appointment with my doctor today. Everyone knew I had these two things, but did anyone take me? Or even remember? No, everyone ignored me and said they were busy. And the funny thing is they weren't busy. My bf's truck is in the shop right now so he couldn't take me, I asked my stepdad and he said he will in a few mins, I go to my room to get ready and he leaves. I just don't get it, everyone is so anal about me graduating then why aren't they helping me. And another thing that ****** me off is that I had $2000 saved up for a cheap used car, my stepdad finds out about it and he decides it's time for me to start paying rent, now I'm broke. He just got a new good paying job, he is talking about buying a flipping motorcycle! My mom has asked him to help me get a car so I can get a job, but he says a motorcycle is more important and he can't help someone who can't help themselves?! My mom doesn't say much to him bc she acts like she is scared of him, it's bs. I'm just so sick of being helpless bc no one will help me!! I just don't know what to do.
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I have already told my stepdaughter she can live with us as long as she is in school, rent free. I want to do nothing but help her.

That's very nice of you, but not everyone is that generous or caring. It'd be nice though.