Boyfriend Wants A Break? Mature Topic?

Hey I am Gabby and here is the back round. My boyfriend Jt and I have been talking for about a year and starting being in a relationship 5 months ago. Previous we were off and on because I wasn't sure about him. He had a very addictive personality and could be very controlling but I did like him. Recently in last 3 months I started seeing very strange signs that he was portraying to me. The signs of a Opiate Addict. (I know what they seem to act like. mother passed away 3 years ago from being a drug addict and being addicted to fetanyl patched and pks). He soon told me he was very addicted. He was do 100 mc Gel patch to smoke everyday and popping Roxi..etc. I tried helping him once by myself through whole detoxing which was very hard for me.. but it wasn't as bad. Bad story is he relapsed again and plus like 4 weeks ago his parents found the patch. So now he had to get clean. So now its been more then a week he has been clean off of them ( we are both 18 btw). I know its sad. He parents asked me to stay with him for week durning detoxing cause he didn't want to go rehab but he agreed to go to meeting and see someone which is a good step. Anyways I took care of him.. basically day and night like a nurse. When I say help.. i mean I was full blown nurse. It was really hard but I felt like I loved him and he was important to me.. I had to. So now he seems kind back to himself.. but just yesderday he told me he wanted break up.. not its break. I am just so heart broken I know what even think. He is confused as well. I told him take couple days to himself and if he really truly loves me then im all open arms. I just have feeling he wont, my feelings are so hurt. I don't understand why he would do after ALL i did. But i love him and I want be with him and I can't even stand up for myself..This is so hard for me. I struggle with depression..and I don't know what to do. I really hope someone can help me or give me some advice. Do you think this is the real thing and he just needs space. or come back? please any advice would help. I am not trying to be selfish. If I really was I would have ran away from the situation and not dealt with it. When my mother passed from pain killers I was heart broken, then to find my love is addicted I felt the need that I needed to save him.. because in past I couldn't with my mother. I believe he needs some time, but do you think I should go back after what he did to me.. could we really move forward? I love him dearly but I also need to get my life together and i want him in it.. but to me it seems he doesn't and doesn't want to amitt and say lets have a break. He said also just wait a couple days and be GOOD and ill let you know asap. I was really upset when I read that. I don't know if he is testing me.. or if this is apart of the withdraw. All I know is I love him.. I love my mother due to these drugs.. now it seems i will
gabriellalubek gabriellalubek
18-21, F
May 15, 2012