I Think Im In Love..t

okay so ever since i was in the sixth grade, this guy named Tyler, walked into the room and my heart stopped.. when i walked into the class room my seventh grade year i had to sit by him because there was no empty seats... i was extremely chunky my seventh and sixth grade years, he finally noticed me on that day.. we sat by each other ever since then (purposely, the teacher made us)... in eighth grade year i lost so much weight and my hair was done very prettily and i looked fly, lol... but that year he gave me so many complements... once my liking to him was noticeable, my "friends" would embarrass me such as .... writing sofia and tyler on the board and telling him ... all day ... tttyyyyllleeerrr, sofia likes you...... bunch of third graders is what they are.. but i seriously talked to him one day and told him exactly how i felt.. apparently he liked me too bt he had a girld friend.... so he was torn between me and her ... he never told me anything but i like you too and on a scale of 1-10 i was a 9 ... that's absolutely it.. he and her recently broke up and he had told me that he didn't want to date me right now because he didn't want to hurt me... i wrote him a Dr. suess poem... one that rhymed is what i'm trying to say.... i really really like him ... a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a bunch of really bad stuff happened to me and i told him about it and he started crying while telling his grandmother (which is my moms client) i don't know what to do next because when he texts me its always nothing more than two words idk if e really likes me or not but i write a book when i text him..... i don't want to over do it because my" friends " have just a bout ruined it for me i mean i am really talented. im flexible,  i can dance, i am myself no  matter what , but i dont know what to do next... please help anyone! preferably a guy because i want to know a guys point of view but girls , you are excepted =]
claireboo98 claireboo98
May 19, 2012